The I Love Dot Kitty

A cute kitten was born with the markings "I Love Dot." The cat's fur has the letter "I" followed by a heart symbol and a dot on its fur. This will instantly get you hordes of appreciative people thanks to the Internet and people's natural affinity for kittens and cuteness. The fact that the kitten's mother is named "Dottie" makes the story that much better. News 10 has the adorable story.
Four-year-old Michael Ramirez's cat Dottie had a litter of six kittens on Easter. Two of the kittens were born on Saturday night, and the final four were born early Sunday morning.

So far, not so unusual. But one of the black and white kitties does have "unusual" markings - a message of love for its mother Dottie, says Michael's stepmom Teauri Ramirez.

According to Ramirez, the kitten's side reads, "I Love Dot."

"We waited for the fur to dry and we saw it and it surely said, 'I love Dot,'" said Ramirez.
The story has also made its way around the Internet. Check Boing Boing, Stuff on My Cat, Happy LOL Day and BuzzFeed for starters.

Posted on April 4, 2008

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